South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks have announced its plan to reopen offices and recreational facilities, including the Outdoor Campus.

Starting Monday, June 15th (today), all South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks offices are open statewide.  Unlike the state parks and camping sites, the administrative offices have been closed since mid-March along with the outdoor campuses in Sioux Falls and Rapid City.

The Outdoor Campus in Sioux Falls as well as the Rapid City location will also resume its classes with some restrictions.  The class size will only be limited to ten people including the instructors.  Any class participant and staff will also be required to wash their hands or sanitize them before the start of each class.  Furthermore, the Outdoor Campus is expecting class members to maintain social distancing guidelines during class periods.

In order to ensure the class's safety, instructors will be required to wear a mask if they are less than 6-feet apart from students.  Any equipment used during a class will be fully sterilized in between uses and at the end of each class.  In addition to all the new safety procedures, participants will be asked if they have experienced any COVID-19 symptoms before entering the classroom.

For the time being, the indoor museum of the Outdoor Campus will remain closed to the public.

Residents can begin to register for June classes on Tuesday, June 16th at 10 AM.  Here are the classes the Outdoor Campus will be offering:

June 22nd: Fishing (10 AM-11 Am and 1 PM- 2 PM)

June 23rd: Archery (10 AM-11 Am and 1 PM- 2 PM)

June 25th: Kayaking (10 AM-11 Am and 1 PM- 2 PM)

June 29th: Fishing (10 AM-11 Am and 1 PM- 2 PM)

June 30th: Archery (10 AM-11 Am and 1 PM- 2 PM)

For all the latest information about the Outdoor Campus and its facilities, visit its Facebook page by clicking here.

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