What are you serving up for St. Patrick's Day? You could try to find a seat in an Irish restaurant (not an easy task) or you could make one of these popular dishes at home.

According to search engine High Speed internet, the most popular dish that South Dakotans are searching for is Bangers and Mash. A fine dish! Try it at McNally's on Western Avenue and you'll see what I mean. It goes perfectly with a Guinness or a Smithwick's for lunch.

Mashable has a different #1, but a popular winner nonetheless: Shepard's Pie. Grab a pre-made homebaked Shepard's Pie at Costco in Sioux Falls. They're very rich and delicious!

Need a few more ideas? here's the top 10 St. Patrick's Day food searches:

  1. Shepard's Pie
  2. Corned Beef
  3. Irish Soda Bread
  4. Corned Beef Brisket
  5. Green Eggs and Ham
  6. Cabbage Soup
  7. Cabbage Rolls
  8. Shamrock Shake
  9. Corned Beef Hash
  10. Bangers and Mash

Hey...where' the Lucky Charms? Oh...that's right. We don't really need to search for them. They're in aisle 13 at HyVee.

Happy St. Patrick's Day!

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