When I purchased my first Jeep Wrangler I checked off one more thing on my "bucket list." The black 4-door was just what was needed for those off-roading adventures with my kids (my wife is more of a stay-on-the-road-till-I-find-a-Starbucks kind of girl). We've been on several trips to the Black Hills for our adventure fixes and really enjoy having a rugged vehicle.

One thing I didn't know about being a first time Jeep owner was "the wave." Whether I'm off-roading or downtown Sioux Falls, Jeep owners wave at each other. Not the Liberty, the Cherokee, or the Compass. Just the Wrangler style. I'm sure the others are fine vehicles -  they just don't come with "the wave."

Maybe it's the removable hard top, the 5 visible meaty over-sized tires with a lift kit, and a Zombie Response Team decal on the back that draws a wave. Maybe it's the "Screw you, 2 feet of snow!" Or "When you heat-melt I've got nets for doors!"

I was used to the wave as a life-long motorcycle rider. The "low wave" was a "drive safe, fellow rider." You are part of club that sticks together. And if your bike ever broke down you could be sure that the person who stops to help was also on a bike.

The tight-knit group of Jeep owners is equally nice. A brotherhood - or sisterhood - of the Jeep. Perhaps we'll see you down the road at a Jeep Jamboree where we can park our steel beasts on a pile of rocks and talk about the days when we stayed on the pavement.

Don't try to understand it, "Tokyo drifters" with a loud $700 coffee can for a muffler. It's an off-road thing.

Danny V
Danny V

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