The hunt is on for a silver anniversary Grain Belt can in that 12-pack you just bought.

The good folks at Grain Belt knew we needed a break after the way 2020 is shaking out. So, they're doing the most Willy Wonka thing possible. They've placed special silver cans in select 12 packs of Grain Belt Nordeast. If you find one, you'll win 3 cases of Nordeast AND be entered in for the chance to win beer for a decade.

Win free Grain Belt for a whole decade? You hear that, liver? This is what we've been training for!

The silver can is to commemorate Grain Belt's silver anniversary. Apparently, there are 100 silver cans out there and it's only played in South Dakota, North Dakota, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, and Wisconsin. So...there's a better-than-lottery chance!

According to the official rules of the promotion, another way to win is to take a photo of your beer fridge highlighting your Grain Belt beer, merch, logo, etc, and use #fillthefridge in your caption.

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