The very first electric motorcycle has arrived in South Dakota and it's a high-performance eye-opener! The new Harley-Davidson LiveWire all-electric motorcycle arrived at J & L Harley-Davidson on Friday.

You can count on rapid acceleration with the Harley-Davidson Revolution all-electric powertrain. No clutch, no shifting, it's all the power you need with just a twist of the throttle. And you better hang on. the LiveWire can do 0 - 60 mph in 3 seconds flat. Accelerate from 60 - 80 mph in another 2 seconds. It is immediately apparent that the design team for Harley-Davidson took their time building the LiveWire.

Jimmy Entenman from J & L Harley-Davidson took one for a spin at a dealer show. He, like his father Jim, were a little apprehensive at first. After a test ride they were hooked.

"Once you get on and ride, it is an experience like nothing else. It's amazing. It's got a very low center of gravity so it's perfectly balanced. And you've got major torque. This bike has it all." ~ Jimmy Entenman, J & L Harley-Davidson

A full charge has an impressive range of 147 miles - perfect for city riding. The range for highway and interstate speeds will be a little less. "We're starting to see a lot more charging stations at truck stops, gas stations, and rest areas," Entenman said.

As for charging the LiveWire at home? Simply plug it into a wall socket. No need for an elaborate charging station.

Another great feature is the pulse technology in the hand grips. We all have a tendency to rev our motorcycle gasoline engines while waiting at a stop light, right?  Because the LiveWire has no clutch it has immediate takeoff. So the handgrips send a pulse every few seconds while stopped as a reminder that it's ready to roll when you are.

It comes complete with HD Connect so your phone is a wealth of information. If your bike gets bumped, it notifies you. If it's stolen, you can track it. It can also serve as your navigation and telemetry.

Because J & L will be carrying this line into the future, they've got a qualified and certified technician on staff to assist whenever needed.

The owners of J & L would love for you to take a test ride. They welcome all feedback and opinions, but think you'll be impressed.

Depending on how big that Christmas stocking is, this would be the ultimate gift for the Harley fan in your life. J&L Harley-Davidson is located at 2601 W. 60th Street North, Sioux Falls. Happy riding!

Harley-Davidson LiveWire Unboxed

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