A group gathered at Linwood Park and some adjacent Sioux Falls homes were very fortunate that some stray bullets didn’t do more damage.

Lt. Michael Colwill of the Sioux Falls Police Department says it happened around 9:15 PM Wednesday just a few blocks south of Washington High School. A group had gathered around the basketball court and an altercation escalated into a dangerous situation.

“One of the individuals ran away from that group. As he was running away he did shoot multiple rounds as he was running.”

In the wake of the shooting, Lt. Colwill says the people in that area were very fortunate.

“No one at the basketball court was struck. A residence in that neighborhood was struck by one of the rounds. However, no one inside of that residence was hurt. There was just some property damage done when that round entered the residence.”

The suspect is described as a black man in his late teens about six feet tall and wearing a gray hooded sweatshirt and riding an orange BMX bike. Witnesses say the suspect has been at the park previously and possibly lives in the neighborhood.

The extent of the property damage was limited to a vase inside the residence that was shattered by the bullet. The incident was the first of two shootings that occurred in Sioux Falls from Wednesday evening through Thursday morning.

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