Your future happiness and love life may very well depend on your undies.

Latino superstition has it that wearing a pair of red underwear on New Year's Eve will guarantee you a year filled with passion and love.

If you're wearing a pair of yellow underwear when the ball drops, there will be money and happiness in your future.

And if you're really daring - be bold and wear a pair that incorporates both colors!

Other traditions and rituals to usher in the new year:

  • Clean your house for a fresh start
  • Write a wish list for the new year (helps you set goals)
  • Eat 12 grapes while making 12 wishes (one grape for each month)
  • Run around the block with luggage (if you're hoping to do some traveling)
  • Have money in hand when the clock strikes 12 (if you hope to make more money)
  • Sweep out the negative energy
  • Eat a spoonful of lentils (nothing fills the stomach, and the wallet, like lentils)
  • Light a candle (sets the mood for the new year)
  • Throw a bucket of water out the window (signifying the tears you'd like to get rid of)
  • Turn on all the lights in the house (for a bright future)
  • Wear white for peace and health
  • Start off the new year by literally leading with your right foot (start off on the right foot)
  • Sit and stand three times (if you're looking to get married)

(Source: Huffington Post)

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