It may not be on the scale of the Louise Avenue reconstruction, but this project will have its own impact as residents along the route adjust to the new normal.

From Monday April 10 through the anticipated completion in early June, Dakota Avenue is getting a facelift. The official segment is from Bailey Street on the north the McClellan Street on the south.

The city will be doing quite a laundry list of upgrades. Underground utilities such as water main, storm and sanitary sewer are on the drawing board. Topside improvements come in the form of LED street lights, curb and gutter and accessible curb ramps.

Please don’t roll your eyes because it’s only two blocks and no major retail outlets are nearby. Although Tower Park is a short jaunt to the east.

Homes will just be a little harder to access for a while. On the bright side, some folks will just get to know their alley better during this planned event.

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