It's certainly not something you're expecting to find while you're taking a casual stroll through a Minnesota park.

At first glance, you might think you stumbled upon some dinosaur eggs. And if that were the case, you'd probably be best to turn around and run in the other direction.

They were found next to a trail over the weekend at Elm Creek Park Reserve.

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According to a recent Facebook post by user Tim Sass, he found the strange objects while taking a hike through the reserve on Friday evening. Not wanting to disturb the forest, he took to social media to get some answers.

In a private Facebook Group, Sass posted the photo writing:

I saw these next to a trail at Elm Creek Park Reserve this evening. Mushrooms? If so, they're the biggest ones I've ever seen.

-Tim Sass via Facebook

In fact, that's exactly what they are. Many of the group's commenters posted their ideas as to what the giant fungus may be. Some guessed dinosaur eggs, ostrich eggs, even alien eggs! Others suggested to step on it and find out (which is obviously not the right way to go about discovering what it is).

The correct consensus from most of the folks commenting was that this fungus is known as the Puffball Mushroom.

According to the website, Forage Chef, the large fungi are found throughout the state of Minnesota and are quite edible. They can be cooked and eaten if the inside is white as well.

Story Source: Tim Sass via Facebook

Story Source: Forage Chef

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