Storm Drain 1
Mark Tassler, Results Radio

With massive piles of snow everywhere along with the snow depth on the ground, there's no where for water to run. It can't go anywhere.

And it most certainly can't soak into the ground because the ground is froze. With that said, rain in the forecast can mean only one thing, and that's great concerns of flooding.

Just the small amount of rain on Saturday morning (3/9) cause many areas around town to go under water. There were many streets that travel was impossible.

Now we have rain in the forecast for a three day period. It has flood watches sure to come into effect.

Make sure you are prepared. Check your sump pumps and so on.

Include clearing the storm drain by your home in your preparation. Go out by the street and see if it's buried in snow. If it is, grab a shovel and clear it so the water can run into it. Otherwise you will have a lake forming by your home.

I went out and did some digging and found mine completely buried:

Storm Drain 2
Mark Tassler, Results Radio

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