The talk of the August Schell's Brewery in New Ulm, Minnesota was not the newest fall brews, the beloved Vikings football team, or even the Twins. It was the thousands of bees the came in for a visit.

Photo by Danny V, Townsquare Media
Photo by Danny V, Townsquare Media

On Saturday, the outdoor biergarten (German for beer garden) was buzzing with costumers and beer lovers. It's also a family-friendly touring destination as there's classic 1919 Root Beer for younger patrons. But the joy of a nice cold root beer turned into a literal hive within 2 minutes. The children next to us has 2 sips from their glass when the bees joined in. It really was fascinating to watch. As you can see, some bees just wanted the sugary drink so badly, they "kamikazed the glass" therefor ending their existence.

As the conversations turned from football to epi pens, patrons who have bee-sting allergies made their way into the brewery, while the brave stayed in the biergarten. On a positive note, the bees didn't seem to mind the humans and they were not aggressive. You just need to gently wave them away from your drink occasionally.

The Schell's Brewery is a must stop when visiting central Minnesota. They offer tours and include trolly rides up the hill to the brewery when the parking lot is full - which is every weekend.

We enjoyed the rich history of August Schell and family and the trails around the property are amazing. Bring a camera as there are plenty of photo opportunities.

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