In around the Sioux Empire, when you hear the name Stensland, you think of high-quality, delicious food. Whether it's ice cream, cheese, or even candy, the homegrown business has something for almost everyone. And now you can add frozen pizza to that list.

Take a closer look at your frozen pizza section in the coming days, as certain stores will be carrying Stensland's new frozen pizza.

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Select stores are currently selling a wide variety of Stensland's frozen pizza including Pepperoni. Cheese, BBQ Chicken, and more.

I found mine in the freezer section at Lewis Family Drug, at the corner of 69th and S. Louise Avenue. The shipment just came in this week and the pizza lives up to the hype.

The first thing you notice when you open a Stensland pizza is the smell of fresh mozzarella. With a thin, sourdough crust, and zesty homemade, tomato-based sauce, you're not going to find a tastier frozen pie anywhere in the Sioux Empire.

According to its Facebook Page, Stensland got the green light last week for pizza production at its Larchwood location. They kicked it into high gear and were able to have pizzas in the frozen food isles at many area retailers beginning this week.

For more information on Stensland Family Farms Creamery and to keep up to date with where you can pick up their delicious new pizza pies, check out their Facebook Page, here.

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