For a lot of Sioux Falls residents, there is no doubt the city is doing well and the mayor's speech yesterday reflects that. The question for many people is; is Mayor Paul Ten Haken running for re-election?

He has said there is more he would have liked to accomplish in his time in office and has filed the paperwork necessary to put together a re-election campaign. But he also indicates that he hasn't made up his mind yet.

In conversations with the mayor, he has told us that coming from the digital business world and not a political background, some of the accompanying consequences of holding the office, including very personal attacks have been a surprise and a struggle.

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Overall, according to Mayor Ten Haken, Sioux Falls has not only survived the global pandemic but in many areas, flourished.

He spoke about the successful infrastructure projects which have been finished and the ones to come, he indicated that building permit activity was record-setting and that the city had paid down $25.2 million in debt.

Mayor Ten Haken said that these accomplishments were made possible by the fact that Sioux Falls had a thriving economy prior to the pandemic. He also expressed that the city would continue moving forward with infrastructure and quality of life projects.

The mayor communicated the plan to begin a Mayor's Youth Council and encouraged the continuation of the Sioux 52 Mentoring initiative as a way to deal with juvenile crime in Sioux Falls.

So the view from the mayor's office is good and looking forward.

Despite the challenges of the past three years, I am confident that we have a bright future ahead of us. We are prepared for long-term sustainability and prosperity due to the decisions we have made thus far, along with our plans and determination for the future. It truly is an exciting time to be a resident of Sioux Falls.”

Source: BryAnn Becker  Knecht - Office of the Mayor - Sioux Falls

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