Zippia analyzed Google Search data to determine every state's favorite dip. Their research discarded dessert dips. Only savory dips were included in this study.

I always find it interesting when they use Google Searches because most of the time when I google something, it's because I want to know more about it. But, if something is already my favorite, I wouldn't need to Google it. I digress.

Zippia's results weren't too crazy. I concur with these results.

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South Dakota's favorite dip is....salsa.

We were not alone, 18 other states had salsa as their favorite.

The #2 favorite dip was guacamole.

A couple of states were very on-brand. The one state that liked crab dip the most was Maryland and the one state that liked beer cheese dip the most was Wisconsin.

South Dakota's neighbors were all pretty like-minded. Minnesota, Iowa, and North Dakota all had salsa as their top pick as well. Nebraska's favorite was ranch.

I'd like to take this a bit further. What style of dipping mechanism do people prefer? I like to switch it up depending on the dip. Obviously, salsa gets tortilla chips, but something like French onion dip gets a plain wavy potato chip. Hummus didn't make the list for any state. Personally, I love hummus, but I use it more as a veggie dip than a chip dip.

The vessel matters!

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