Who doesn't love a good house plant right?

Plants are great home decor that provides a sense of calm and help detoxify our air at the same time.

But some plants are more easily found in certain geographic regions due to the climate and soil composure thus, easier to grow in certain states than others.

In South Dakota, I initially thought our favorite house plant would have been the cornstalk because we grow a lot of that here in our soil.

Just kidding wouldn't that be something to see in your parents' living room next to the TV?

But in all seriousness, the favorite house plant for South Dakotans is the Kalanchoe according to HGTV.

The Kalanchoe is similar to the texture of a succulent but has a flattened paddle look to it and came sometimes also be referred to as 'dog tongue'.

HGTV lists the plant as "Flattened paddle leaves give this succulent a playful feel and bring strong architectural interest to any setting. Indoors, give this South African native bright light, and water only when the top inch of soil is dry. Low thirst means you can skip town for a week or two with no thought for watering."

Source: HGTV

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