Fresh off the heels of several bands of severe weather hammering parts of Southeastern South Dakota over the last few weeks, we could be heading for the record books with some very hot weather.

Just another reminder about just how extreme the weather can be in this part of the world.

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Stacker has tracked all of the weather extremes from across America, and South Dakota is among the ten states with the biggest variances.

The hottest temperature on record in the history of the Mount Rushmore State came just 15 years ago when the mercury hit 120 degrees in Fort Pierre on July 15, 2006.

To find the coldest day in state history, you have to travel back to the days of the Great Depression, when the temperature dropped to -58 degrees in McIntosh on February 17, 1936.

That's a swing of 178 degrees from warmest to coolest.

But as incredible as that difference in temperatures is, five other states have seen bigger extremes over the years:

  • Montana - 187 degrees (117 to -70)
  • North Dakota - 181 degrees (121 to -60)
  • Wyoming - 181 degrees (115 to -66)
  • Alaska - 180 degrees (160 to -80)
  • California - 179 degrees (134 to -45)
  • South Dakota - 178 degrees (120 to -58)
  • Idaho - 178 degrees (118 to -60)
  • Colorado - 176 degrees (115 to -61)
  • Minnesota - 175 degrees (115 to -60)
  • Nevada - 175 degrees (125 to -50)

So as we currently deal with the heat of summer, remember six months from now we'll be wishing for some of that summer sunshine.

7 Most Common Snakes in South Dakota

South Dakota may not have creepy crawlies like they do in Australia. But, there are a fair amount of snakes to be found here.
A few can be found in the Black Hills, some enjoy life on the west-river plains and several are concentrated in the southeastern part of the state along the Missouri River.

There are seven common species of snake that can be found throughout the state, including our one venomous species.

Inside Minnesota's Largest Candy Store

I had been to Minnesota's Largest Candy Store once before, but they did some pretty cool things since the last time I was there. They added a bunch of superheroes, Star Wars stuff, and a candy band.

According to their Facebook page, Jim's Apple Farm is actually how the now huge candy store got its start. It is located in Jordan, MN and you can't miss it. It is a huge yellow building.

Even though candy is mentioned in the name, they have a little bit of everything. They have fresh baked pies and cookies and fudge. We walked in and it smelled amazing!

They also have the largest selection of sodas! Then there is chocolate and taffy and gummies and chips and puzzles and games. So much stuff!

They even have a Zoltar machine like in the movie, Big. I had to check that out. He told me the only helping hand is at the end of my arm. Gee, thanks Zoltar.

There were even crickets and worms! Not gummy worms, but actual worms.
They also have candy from all over the world!

The store is seasonal, however. November is their last month of operation for the season.

9 Driving Laws in South Dakota that Might Surprise You, Some You Didn't Know Existed

There are some things you can do on South Dakota roads that you may have once thought illegal but aren't. Like, can you ride in the back of a pickup, or drive barefoot in South Dakota?

While perusing the South Dakota Department of Public Safety I was reminded of some things that come up in conversation quite often.

Here are a few to ponder:

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