When it comes to the best states for singles, South Dakota didn't rank very well. 37th, according to the latest Wallet Hub study.

But, apparently cupid is carrying a few coupons in that quiver of love. The Rushmore State ranks number 1 when it comes to "dating economics" which means we get a pretty good deal on date night compared to the rest of the country.

The study also showed that our neighbors Nebraska and Iowa have some of the fewest single adults in the nation ranked 46th and 47th, respectively. The lowest gender balance - the ratio of single women to single men - goes to North and South Dakota ranked 49th and 50th.

The "dating economics research is based on average cost of:

  • haircut / beauty salon
  • movie tickets
  • beer & wine
  • cost of living
  • nightlife options

So, how do you save money on date night? A 6-pack of Hamm's and a Top Gun DVD? Nice choice.

Source: WalletHub

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