On a day that saw three more South Dakotans die from Coronavirus (COVID-19), related complications comes word that the state is on a shortlist of places that have health officials worried.

BestLife is reporting on a Yahoo! Finance story that features information leaked from a document at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention which indicates that South Dakota is among seven states that the CDC has identified with troubling hotspots of COVID-19 outbreaks.

In the Mount Rushmore State, Jerauld County has caught the attention of health officials after 22 new Coronavirus cases were reported in the last two weeks. That is a 32 percent increase over previous numbers in the Wessington Springs area.

Among the six other states being closely monitored by the CDC are South Dakota's neighbors Iowa and Nebraska.

  • Alabama - Bullock County up 17 percent and Lowndes County up five percent in the last two weeks.
  • Iowa - Buena Vista County up 25 percent  and Wright County up 12 percent in the past two weeks
  • Florida - Hamilton County up 13 percent in the past two weeks.
  • Nebraska - Dakota County up nine percent in the past two weeks.
  • Louisiana - East Carroll Parish up 20 percent in the last two weeks.
  • Virginia - City of Manassas up ten percent in the last two weeks.

The outbreak in Dakota County, Nebraska is right across the Missouri River from the South Dakota cities of Dakota Dunes and North Sioux City.

South Dakota's COVID-19 related death toll is now 68 after three new fatalities were reported Tuesday (June 9).

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