How much money should a guy plunk down for the engagement ring? The popular answer is 3 months salary.

As a father, I'd like to think I have practical and helpful advice for my sons. I would rather have them use a few extra thousand dollars on getting a smart financial start of their new lives together - rather than $9,000 for an engagement ring.

Perhaps my thinking is in line with most South Dakota men. According to this map, South Dakota men spend the least of any state on engagement rings - and it's not even really close.

Dudes of the Sunshine state are spending an average of $1,251 for the ring. While Nevada men come in the highest with $9,523.

Redditor Mybigballs posted,

What part don't you get? Everything around us is way higher. Our average is really cheap. 3 months of my salary would be 7 grand. Even 3gs on a ring doesn't seem expensive to me. Anything over that seems odd though.... God we are cheap! I feel better!"

The report goes on to say that men of South Dakota are only spending 0.27% of their salary on the engagement ring. To put that in to context, if your job pays $24,000 in South Dakota then spending more than $540 will put you above the state average.

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