A South Dakota guy immediately regretted coming in last in his fantasy football league. The only thing worse than having to fork over the cash is the punishment from your buddies that follows. Just ask this guy who is making the rounds on Tik Tok even though he'd probably be anywhere else at the moment.

His buddies who fared a smidge better than him in fantasy football made sure he laced up his running shoes for a few sprints even though he is not a runner. And in true 'Impractical Jokers' fashion, our non-running dude gets smoked in a 100 meter dash.

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They made him register for a collegiate track meet as an unaffiliated runner. So, he put on some shorts, did some stretches, and then got trounced in the 100-meter. His buddies got a good laugh and made sure to share it on TikTok. 

Check out our hero below:


@peeejohn #fantasyfootball ♬ Rocky Theme - Gonny Fly Now - The Fan Lounge

Punishments have become quite common in the nail-biting world of fantasy sports. Ever see a dude in a dress on a busy street corner holding a sign that says, "I lost my fantasy football league?' I have...and it looked a little chilly out so we gave him a "support honk."


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