"May could be a very busy month in terms of tornadic development across the northern plains." ~ AccuWeather. That's a headline many of us really don't like to see. After all, South Dakota is no stranger to May twisters.

  • May 30, 1998 - Spencer, SD
  • May 2, 2006 - Kingsbury County
  • May 5, 2007 - Southeast South Dakota ~ west of Yankton
  • May 10, 2015 - Delmont, SD.

According to AccuWeather, “The jet stream will send what we call inside cutters – storms through the Rockies – and then they’ll lift out into the Plains states. So the upper-level dynamics of forming tornadoes are in place."

Add rising surface temperatures to this mix and you get an above-normal forecast for severe weather.

South Dakota, North Dakota, Minnesota, Iowa, Nebraska, are among the northern states in what's known as 'Tornado Alley'.

Pro Tip: Have apps on your phone from National Weather Service, or any of the local TV stations such as Dakota News Now. Set the alerts so you get an advance warning of impending severe weather. Most importantly, create a family plan if you haven't already on what to do if the tornado sirens are going off. Where to seek shelter and where to meet after the event.

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