Now that more and more artists are back out on the road doing shows again, more and more people are buying concert tickets online, which can and often does present the opportunity to get scammed, if a person is not careful.

With the holiday season around the corner, I imagine there will be quite a few concert tickets under people's Christmas trees this year to some of the superstars that will be touring the Sioux Empire and the nation in 2023.

The Better Business Bureau has a few tips that if followed correctly will prevent you from getting ripped off by concert and event ticket scammers.

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Jessie Schmidt, with the South Dakota Better Business Bureau, told Dakota News Now, “It’s easy to get scammed when you’re buying tickets and certainly because everything is online anymore and you can’t assume that their first site you go to is the legitimate ticket site.”

Let's face it, when a big concert or event is announced, most people have a tendency to purchase tickets immediately, before they're gone, right? It's just human nature. That rush to buy tickets can get you in trouble if you're not careful.

Experts like Jim Johnson, the assistant general manager for the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, recommend that you tap the breaks for just a moment when buying your tickets to make sure the site you've visited is completely legitimate.

Johnson told Dakota News Now, “Unfortunately, it does happen a lot of the time. What we always recommend people do is go to the venue website and go to their events page and click the ticket purchase link.”

Being sure that you're on a legitimate website is absolutely vital when it comes to ensuring that you don't get scammed in the ticket-buying process.

Clicking on the wrong link could have you out a chunk of change, and also threaten the security of your phone.

Schmidt told Dakota News Now, “It opens you up to all kinds of nefarious items, if you click it on your phone and you do banking on your phone and you download malware to your phone, it’s a bad deal.”

One of the safest ways to purchase tickets for a concert or event is to buy them directly from the website of the venue hosting the show or from reputable websites like Ticketmaster, and StubHub.

Something to keep in mind as you get caught up in the euphoria of buying tickets during the upcoming 2023 concert and event season.

Source: Dakota News Now

Sioux Falls Concerts Fall 2022-2023

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Now that the world is continuing life and adapting to the COVID-19 pandemic, artists and music groups feel comfortable enough to head back out on the road to perform. They are traveling to cities across the country including right here in Sioux Falls.

Some of the biggest names in the music industry are stopping in Sioux Falls to bring the house down with their latest hits as well as their old-time favorites. 

2022 and 2023 will see some huge concerts at venues like the Denny Sanford PREMIER CenterThe DistrictThe Sanford Pentagon, and The Washington Pavilion.

So what concerts are happening in Sioux Falls in 2022 and 2023? Take a look at this all-star lineup to see who's taking the stage right here in our great city.

Keep in mind: Cancellations and rescheduling are common nowadays. Make sure to check with the show's venue and stay up to date on new information.

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