The next snowstorm is expected to impact the Sioux Falls area this Friday. If you become stranded, what are the chances someone will stop and help you?

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First of all, you should already know that living in South Dakota you're surrounded by friendly empathetic neighbors. And in most situations, you never have to question if they will do the right thing.

So it comes as no surprise that South Dakota is in the top 5 when lending a hand should you get stuck in the snow or when your vehicle breaks down.

A recent poll was taken, and the numbers found that 88% of us would stop to help a driver whose car had broken down during a snowstorm.

Wyoming 91%
Idaho 91%
Utah 90%
South Dakota 88%
New Mexico 88%

And what about our neighboring states?

Iowa 76%
Minnesota 75%
North Dakota 73%

If you have been on the receiving end of someone's kindness you absolutely know how much it means that some stranger would stop to help out. And even offer a ride or to help you dig out of that snowbank.

More importantly, to make sure that the stranded individual is unhurt and has the necessary provisions.

Good luck if you become stranded in Nevada. They came in at the bottom with only 42% being a good samaritan. And, the state where the poll originated-Florida, only 61%.

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