I was perusing the Argus Leader Media website the other day and was surprised to see their choice for 'Best Fried Chicken in Sioux Falls' - Mama's Phried & Phillys in downtown. Botski's came in second, The Keg finished third.

I realize everyone's taste is different, but I beg to differ with their choice. I've had Mama's chicken and, I'll agree, it is good - but I think my Grandma's fried chicken was a smidgen better. My Grandma made THE BEST fried chicken.

One of her favorite things to do was fry up chicken for her family for the big Sunday meal. I can still remember walking into her kitchen and seeing grease EVERYWHERE - the counter tops, the cupboards, even her glasses would be covered.

But you know what, my Grandma lived for those Sunday dinners. She spared no expense - or kitchen surface for that matter - to make sure her family was fat and happy. And if that meant getting grease everywhere, well then so be it.

I sure do miss my Grandma. She was a one-of-a-kind. Seems like nobody gets together for a big Sunday dinner anymore. That was one thing my Grandma always insisted on. If you were in the area on Sunday, you were expected to be at the table - noon sharp!

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