Former Sioux Falls residents Sean McFarland and Samuel Pfeifle were both sentenced to the mandatory minimum five years in federal prison Monday for their roles in a drug conspiracy ring involving seven people for the sale of hundreds of pounds of marijuana.

Pfeifle and McFarland faced a maximum penalty of 40 years for their roles in conspiring to sell between 220 and 880 pounds of marijuana in South Dakota and elsewhere between 2008 and 2012 when they got caught.

Five others have admitted to having a part in the conspiracy including McFarland's brother Brett who will be sentenced February 24th for growing, harvesting and distributing marijuana.

Brandon Newell is serving a 37 month sentence for receiving shipments and selling marijuana. Jaymar Adams will be sentenced February 24; Travis Jellis is serving a five month sentence for participating in the growing and selling; Georgia Pfeifle is serving a six month sentence.

Prior to his sentencing, Pfeifle testified against McFarland as part of his plea deal. Pfeifle admitted to combining shipments with Brett McFarland and accepting at least $80,000 for marijuana.


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