Smart-phones and the apps on those phones continue to take over the world.  So it should be no surprise that there are more and more apps being developed to help farmers.

Farmers have already been using technology in their daily lives.  From field-mapping to auto-steering and precision applications of fertilizers and seeds.

But farmers trying to get the most out of today's technology are facing endless options as different apps continue to pop-up for downloading not only on a computer screen, but on the device that seems to be taking over the world, the smart-phone.

Here are five of the top smart-phone apps that are helping farmers, and links to download those apps:  Growing Degree Days, Weather Underground, Cash Grain Bids, a Fertilizer Blend Calculator and a Seeding Rate Calculator.

Another app that will help local farmers will soon be released for downloading, too.  Watch for South Dakota Corn to be releasing an app that will allow farmers to communicate with other farmers about news and events that are important in the state of South Dakota.


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