What were your hobbies when you were just 13 years-old? For me it was riding my bike around the neighborhood, playing dress up with friends or challenging someone in a game of Mancala. Well this Sioux Falls teenager happened to develop two phone apps by the time he became a teenager. One not only landed in the top 3 of all game apps this week, but also got him featured on the Rush Limbaugh Show.

Walker Haber, age 13, started working on his apps a year and a half ago. ’Never Hillary’ plays a quote from Clinton every time you tap her face. Haber says he would have to listen to hours of Hilary Clinton speeches to get that one good quote he could add in. This app just became number five in all paid apps, number one in arcade games and number three in games overall.

The other app, ‘Ask Donald Trump,’ hosts Trump as a bobblehead. When you shake your phone, Trump’s head bobbles and throws out one of his famous quotes.

The biggest problem Haber faced in launching his apps was his age. When it comes to releasing apps, you must be over the age of 18. But savvy Walker decided to create the apps under his dad’s account in order to get them on the market. Business started off slow, with just 25 people downloading the apps. However, his goal was to turn his biz into a national sensation by going on The Rush Limbaugh Show.

Haber says he tried reaching Limbaugh for over a month, contacting him 270 times. When Limbaugh finally took the bait, Haber was able to speak to him over the phone. The conversation was heard nation-wide. Limbaugh told the teen: “It’s young men like you that gives us old foggies hope for the future. After the interview, Limbaugh then raved about Haber on his webpage and his Facebook page.

The two apps cost just $.99 on the Apple app store, and can be downloaded on your iPhone. Haber says that the money he earns will go toward taking his mother on a vacation.

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