It's one of the more unique ideas for a reality show in recent memory. Twelve contestants are given a Riding Lawn Mower. They start in LA and have to make it to New York (2,778 miles) in three months. What's the catch? They're given no money, food, shelter, or even gas to get there. They have to mow the lawns of strangers for food, provisions, shelter, and gas.

Katie Knight, a resident of Sioux Falls is one of the competitors on the Great Grass Race. According to her interview with Dakota News Now, Katie said she first heard about the contest while watching a game show. And with a grand prize of 100,000 dollars going to the winning team, she jumped at the chance to join.

The Craftsman Lawn Mowers have a top speed of about 5 miles per hour, so if Katie and her teammate make it all the way from Los Angeles to New York, it will be about a three-month journey.

What kind of weird and interesting encounters will she have along the way? That remains to be seen. But with a trip that long, you can expect some twists and turns throughout the trip.

The contestants do not have to take a specific route on their journey, they just have to make it to New York on their Lawn Mower. They will also have to compete in certain challenges during their adventure.

The Great Grass Race is currently streaming on the Menace streaming platform, as well as Amazon Fire Stick TV.

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