He has been the City Attorney throughout the bulk of Mike Huether’s tenure as Mayor of Sioux Falls. David Pfeifle will now cede that post to take a new job.

The announcement from the City of Sioux Falls in a press release comes as Mayor Huether's time in office comes to a close in the spring of 2018.

Pfeifle will continue as City Attorney until October 31. His next assignment will be as Executive Director of South Dakota Public Assurance Alliance which he will begin in November.

By comparison, the previous City Attorney only served two years in the role. Robert  Amundson was City Attorney of Sioux Falls from 2008 through 2010.

According to their website, the SDPAA has served in a capacity to be a protector of governmental entities against liability and property loss since its formation in 1986. At that time there was a demand for reasonably-priced tort liability coverage and the South Dakota Municipal League took the lead in establishing the SDPAA.

Hundreds of groups utilize the Alliance’s services running the breadth of public services from conservation districts to county governments. They offer general insurance coverage in almost a dozen areas with each member having a stake in the organization.

Pfeifle has been practicing law for 23 years as he will step into his new role. In a statement, Mayor Huether expressed his gratitude for Pfeifle’s service.

“David has always kept Sioux Falls top of mind and has served all of us so admirably over the years. We would not have been able to navigate some challenging waters, ultimately getting things accomplished for our city, without the wisdom and determination of David Pfeifle. I wish him and his family nothing but the best!”

Then about an hour later the SDPAA issued their own press release announcing Pfeifle's addition. Pfeifle replaces Judy Payne who took the position in 2013 and plans to retire as executive director.

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