Those seasonal orange construction cones should be going into storage for the off-season as the final touches on projects around the city are being made.

As Pigeon605 points out, street crews are wrapping up several improvements to Sioux Falls city streets. And, I'm sure that will make you very happy and open up your regular commute.

Getting into the Callie Branch Library will be less of a problem, and the Oxbow Village businesses will again see more traffic as the work on the 49th Street project is nearing an end with just a few finishing touches.

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South Minnesota Avenue will be done this week between 57th Street and Ralph Rogers Road. But, you should know that a new traffic signal will be installed later this winter, according to the report from Pigeon605.

A major west Sioux Falls intersection will fully open up later this week. Construction at West 12th Street at Marion Road will be closing down. But that will be short-lived if the weather is favorable to complete the project after Thanksgiving.

A Big Shout-Out to the construction workers for giving us smoother roads and to all the commuters for giving them a wide berth to do their jobs.

What's coming up in 2022? Oh yes, the Double-Diamond at I-29 & west 41st Street.

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