A couple of things still need to happen before the Sioux Falls city pools are able to open for the summer season. First, the weather needs to take a turn for the better. Enough of this 40's and 50's crap already! Hey, Ma Nature, do you think we could get some temps that stay above 60 now? Please!!

The second, and most pressing need, the city needs to trip over several more certified lifeguards and pronto!

Thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic, the hiring pool of applicants hoping to be summer lifeguards is proving to be a little shallow this season.

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As Dakota News Now reports, the city is usually able to bring back a number of employees that worked as lifeguards for the city pools the previous summer. Not the case in 2021. The city pools were closed due to the pandemic last year, thus making the talent pool of candidates somewhat dried up for this season.

According to Dakota News Now, the Sioux Falls Parks and Rec Department needs about 100 lifeguards every year to help man the various city pools. At this time, they only have 50 people hired.

Jackie Nelson, the Parks, and Recreation administrative manager told Dakota News Now, “In the last couple of weeks, the numbers of interviews and positions hired or contingently hired have really picked up, so we are seeing lots of good promise and we’re very optimistic about the summer."

Lifeguards aren't the only positions the Parks and Rec Department is still searching for. They could also use aquatic maintenance personnel. According to Nelson, those are team members that help with getting the pools filled, checking the chlorine levels, and ensuring the pool areas stay clean.

Even though the hiring process has been a little challenging, the city is still very optimistic they will have the pools ready to dive into by the targeted (May 28) opening date.

Dakota News Now reports there are plans in place, however, should anything need to be adjusted.

Source: Dakota News Now

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