The May flowers are great except those yellow ones that emerge on lawns in the spring. Dandelion sightings are prompting recommendations from Sioux Falls officials.

Though not a noxious weed, dandelions can wreck a home’s curb appeal and Code Enforcement Manager Matt Tobias says Sioux Falls residents are noticing.

“It’s a little bit of a visual thing this year. For some reason, it seems that we’re seeing a lot more dandelions out there. This year I would say we have received more calls than normal of people who are concerned about the dandelions in someone’s yard.”

One bad neighbor who lets the lawn get out of control can offset the majority of property owners who take care of their turf. Tobias is just asking for a little common courtesy.

“We’re going to recommend that you mitigate them. They’re pretty easy to control, but if you don’t they tend to overtake your yard. We get a nice windy day which we do quite often in South Dakota, dandelion seeds have the ability to travel for miles.”

Some of the noxious weeds that are found in the city are many varieties of thistles and leafy spurge which also need to be contained.

Sioux Falls requires a maximum lawn height of eight inches which includes dandelion stems. Out of control lawns can lead to citations from the city.

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