We asked our Sioux Falls radio fans, "What was your first summer job?" It's no surprise that many of us mowed or walked beans for very little money. I suppose we thought it enough back in the day, though. Here are some great answers:

Heather Elizabeth Mueller - walking beans & bean buggy

Dusty Seachris - Cuttin steel and mowing grass for $3/hr

Todd Crites - Loading clay pigeons out at Gary’s gun club in crooks

Cindy - Bakery chef. I had nice buns!

Paul Keegan - Walking beans and baling hay

Kathy Buchholz - Stacking hay in 100+ degree heat on the farm. Fun times!!!!

Keri - Sitting in a lawn chair selling sweet corn out of a pickup!

Heather - Cleaning rest areas along I-90. Gak!

William Meeks - Cleaning up the local Drive-In on the weekends.

Ron Jacobsen - Grew up on a farm, worked 12 months of the year from about the age of 6 or 7.

Susan Walsh - Dairy Queen

Ann Kaffka - Picking field stones behind a single hitch stone drag at age ten. Got paid in milk for the family and learned how to hitch and unhitch a very large horse.

Grant Weberg - Mowing a neighbor's yard for $5

Danny V. - Walking beans. Very hot with a ton of bug bites.

Tammy Nugent - Detasseling corn

Heidi - Got to help with the catering on the 'Dances With Wolves' movie set :)

Matt - bailing hay and revving dad's tractor.

Mike Brenneman - Cutting weeds at the Pipestone National Monument

Josh Kaiser - Chalking baseball fields!

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