Six candidates entered, two candidates remain as the race for Sioux Falls Mayor heads to a runoff. Up next is a three-week sprint to the next finish line.

When the machines started tabulating, Paul TenHaken and Jolene Loetscher leaped to the front of the line. One particular batch of votes brought a surge of support for Jim Entenman in the early stages, but the trend for the top two was consistent for most of the night.

Among the six vying for the job, the numbers showed a divide by twos as TenHaken (34%) and Loetscher (25%) were a cut above in their support. The middle group featured Entenman (19%) and Greg Jamison (14%). Then Kenny Anderson (6.7%) and Mike Gunn (1%) were in the category that took less than ten percent of the vote.

Regardless of who comes away victorious, the runoff will feature candidates that continue a trend that has Sioux Falls voters opting to elect a Mayor who has not served in public office prior to ascending to the executive chair at City Hall. Similar to current Mayor Mike Huether, both TenHaken and Jolene Loetscher well try to transition from the private sector to public service.

The runoff election will be held on Tuesday May 1.

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