Sometimes when crimes are committed, one thing leads to another. One random act is linked to others that have occurred over the past week in Sioux Falls.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says what triggered this particular incident on Thursday around 7:00 PM in the 1300 block of West Russell Street was likely and accident and a group of people in the room soon scattered.

“Somebody at the Sioux Falls Inn, heard some gunshots and called police. Apparently there was an accidental discharge. We don’t know if somebody was just messing around with the gun or trying to clean it.”

What police do know is that there were eventually two guns located in the parking lot and Clemens ties this occurrence to previous crimes committed.

“Both of those had been reported stolen earlier this week. One of them was Sunday night and the other was Monday night. Both of those were from unlocked cars. Thankfully we were able to recover those, but obviously this shows the danger of leaving guns in unlocked cars. You just never know where these guns are going to end up.”

Clemens also indicates that the suspect told investigators that his reason for snatching the weapons was less about feeding a drug habit but more towards protection from gang-related activity. The suspect was identified by police who faces a possession of stolen property charge. He is presumed innocent until proven guilty.

The result of the gunshot was minor damage inside the hotel room and no injuries.

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