A weapon spotted on a Sioux Falls playground was cause for alarm, but the situation was quickly put to rest with no harm done.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens said the incident happened sometime Thursday after school at a playground west of Downtown Sioux Falls and the weapon was a BB gun.

“He had it out at the playground. Somebody saw that ended up taking the BB gun away (from the child).”

Eventually the report was cycled through to the School Resource Officer who discovered more information in the case.

“Sounds like the BB gun was broken. (The person who confiscated the BB gun) threw it away at home. The School Resource Officer was able to find the BB gun and it was where the person said it was.”

There was no mention of anyone being threatened in the incident.

The child is too young to be charged with a crime, so Sioux Falls Police released the youngster to the parents.

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