Meteor explosion Milky Way Time Lapse. By: Wes Eisenhauer

Wes Eisenhauer is a Sioux Falls photographer and musician who was doing some time lapse photography of the Milky Way on a recent trip to the Black Hills. He said he was just outside Custer when he captured  what appears to be a meteor hurtling towards earth at 100 times faster than a speeding bullet when it 'explodes' leaving a dust ring.

You'll see it in the video above at about the :06 mark to the right of the trees in the center of the frame. It's only a :10 clip so you may want to watch it a few times.

Eisenhauer posted the 10 second clip on Reddit where users have said how rare it is to even see a fireball meteor, but catching it on film even more rare. Others say it may just be space junk.

I grew up in Minneapolis where the city lights made it impossible to see anything more than the moon and the brightest stars at night. I moved to Rapid City in my 20s and though I spent time out in the Black Hills and driving out to the Badlands at night, I didn't spend a lot of time star gazing at that age.

Now that I'm, well, NOT in my 20s, I appreciate things a bit more. I have several very close friends who live outside Sioux Falls where we stand in the yard and see the billions of stars, a few satellites and even an occasional shooting star which even seen with the naked eye and no camera, is very cool. But I've never seen anything like what Eisenhauer caught that night.

He's very humble about the whole thing, saying "I'm just glad to have been lucky to have my camera pointed at the sky at that moment!"

Any way you slice it, it's a very cool video made even more cool for us as it was shot in South Dakota by a Sioux Falls photographer. Nicely done Wes!

What do you think it is??