I think individually we all believe our lives are fairly stressful. Whether it is stress we feel regarding a job, career, our families, financial issues or more mundane things like traffic, getting enough sleep or what to make for dinner, we all have a certain degree of anxiety as we move through our existence on this planet.

But what does the larger picture reveal about stress in our tiny part of the world here in Sioux Falls? Well for once, being near the bottom of a list is pretty good news. WalletHub is out with another one of their number-crunching studies, this time revealing the most stressful places to live in the U.S.

Once again, their statistics were culled from comparison research done in 150 of the most populated cities in the country. They examined multiple categories like; most and least hours worked weekly, job security, poverty rates, cost of living and affordable housing, divorce rates, citizens health, crime rate, most and fewest hours of sleep gotten every night and so on.

What the numbers said about Sioux Falls was that we live in a relatively (because all situations in life are relative to how we perceive our own lives, right?) stress-free environment. Sioux Falls is the 9th least-stressed city in the U.S. or 142nd on the list. Only a few other places are more relaxed than we are. Places like Honolulu, Hawaii (give me a break who wouldn't be less stressed out in Hawaii!), San Francisco and even Madison, Wisconsin are apparently less anxious than we are.

To see the complete study, click here and just take a deep breath for crying out loud!

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