You know how it is when you just can't find the right shirt to match your pants. Yeah...I hate it when that happens too. And so does Sioux Falls native actress January Jones.

Jones posted the topless picture on her Instagram account with the comment: “Can’t find a top to do these trousers justice so...”

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Here are just a few of the comments posted on the timeline of her selfie:

jallanconner: You can turn the calendar all you like but it's always January here.

Squarela: LMAO you're too hot.

Mcd.joel: Very Rock and Roll! Should be your album cover when you do a rock album.

Martingarabal: Where did you buy the glasses?

Colcar: Oh no. The Daily Mail is going to do another story saying they're worried about you...LOL.

Theknightofgelderland: I love your bathroom tile.

January Jones was born in Sioux Falls in 1978. She later graduated from Roosevelt High School and embarked on an acting career. She stared as Betty Draper in Mad Men. And appeared in movies including American Wedding, We Are Marshall, Seeking Justice, and X-Men: First Class.

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