When confronted with weaponry and thievery the best option for the Sioux Falls man was to run. It was a three-on-one affair that ended in one arrest with two other suspects being sought.

Sioux Falls Police Public Information Officer Sam Clemens says the incident took place about 10:00 PM Saturday.

“Our victim went over to a friend’s house. While there, (the victim) met two other guys that he didn’t know but the friend did. They were there for a little bit and drove to the area of 15th Street and Juneau Place.”

Clemens adds that the 19-year old victim was likely in an ambush.

“The two people in the car that the victim did not know said that they had a gun and they wanted some money. He was afraid and took off since they had guns. He hid behind some homes in that area. The two suspects then drove off with his car.”

The friend’s story soon fell apart during the early portions of the investigation and police eventually arrested 19 year-old Paval Zane McDougal of Sioux Falls.

Police have an idea who the other two suspects are but have not yet located them.

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