Impaired judgement is one of the side effects of drinking alcohol. A recent report from Sioux Falls Police provides a lot of avenues that prove the point.

A group of folks were enjoying some adult beverages on Tuesday (May 2) in the 300 block of North Sherman Avenue according to Officer Sam Clemens.

“There were four people who had been drinking since early in the afternoon. One of the guys was causing some trouble and they kicked him out.”

Unfortunately, problems don’t magically go away. The person who was exiled started banging on the door of the residence so loudly that the others decided to let him back inside.

“He was fine for a little bit, but then he started up again and they kicked him out a second time,” said Clemens. “The banging started again and they let him back in.”

By then it was getting late and the group was tired. The mischievous one wasn’t done because he had one more trick up his sleeve.

“The woman that was there woke up and could smell something.”

Clemens said she initially thought someone turned on the stove.

“She went out (of the bedroom) and saw there was a chair on fire in the living room. The guy who had been kicked out was outside banging on the windows.”

When Sioux Falls Fire Rescue arrived just after 11:00 PM, the other three had escaped unharmed. The firefighters took the chair outside with no other apparent damage to the residence.

Charges of First Degree Arson and Disorderly Conduct were given to 46-year old David James Olson of Sioux Falls.

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