In the Upper Midwest we like to think of ourselves as responsible, hard working people who like to have fun, but never to an extreme.

So it might come as a BIG surprise when you see Sioux Falls listed among the top 30 hardest partying cities in America (26th to be exact).

What's even more unbelievable is when you consider who we beat out on the list. Places like San Diego (46th), New York City (45th), Miami (42nd), and Atlanta (37th).

BestLife compiled the list based on a number of factors (Sioux Falls numbers included):

  • Latest time you can buy a beer and the Last call at bars (2:00 AM)
  • Number of bars and nightclubs per 100k people (25.81)
  • Amount of money spent at these establishments [$1,000] ($29,428)
  • Percentage of binge drinkers per county (17.67%)

They also considered the number of events going on each weekend. In Sioux Falls, our options for blowing off steam have grown exponentially in the last several years.

So party on, Sioux Falls!

You've got a reputation to up hold!

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