For years, the formula for success in Sioux Falls has been simple: What we lack in numbers, we make up for in opportunities.

That's also true when it comes to the singles scene in South Dakota's largest city.

Sioux Falls is 39th in a BestLife listing of the top 50 scenes in the United States. That puts us ahead of bigger places like Omaha and Tampa, and right on the heels of Reno, Denver, and New York City.

All of that despite Sioux Falls having the sixth-lowest percentage of singles (51.9%) among the cities on the list.

Sioux Falls Singles Stats:

  • Population: 174,360
  • Singles (%): 51.9
  • Number of bars per 100k people: 25.81
  • Number of restaurants per 100k people: 60.79
  • Number of entertainment spots per 100k people: 78.57

We need your help. We're compiling a list of the top places to go/things to do for singles in Sioux Falls. Go to our Facebook page and give us your favorites.

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