Why Was the Sky Green in Sioux Falls?

Just prior to a large storm system rolling into Sioux Falls on July 5, 2022, the sky turned a creepy, ominous green. It was a truly weird experience.

Old folktales say that a green sky is a warning for a tornado and/or large hail. But, that's not necessarily true.

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The green sky we saw in Sioux Falls that Tuesday night in 2022 was caused by light from the sun being refracted by the hail (AKA ice) up in the storm clouds.

"[S]unlight behind the thunderstorm is attenuated and scattered by the rain and/or hail shaft to yield a bluish hue. If this thunderstorm occurs around sunrise or sunset, when the sun takes on a more red/orange/yellow look thanks to a longer trip of the sun's rays through the atmosphere, that thunderstorm could instead look more green." - Weather.com

Thanks to these folks, we can see what it was like that evening. They took some pics and we thought we'd share...because some things are simply unbelievable. Thanks for sharing!

Castlewood, South Dakota Tornado Damage Photos

Sioux Falls was nailed with a derecho storm on Thursday 12th, 2022. If you're like almost everyone who hears that, you're probably saying what the heck is a Haboob?

derecho event is described as a violent wind storm that is associated with large sand and dust storms. This type of storm is often accompanied by a thunderstorm and is most common during dry summer months.

Sioux Falls and the surrounding area received numerous reports of property damage to homes, cars, trees, and of course all the scattered power outages throughout the area due to the high winds in excess of 70 to 80 mph, we should still consider ourselves to be somewhat fortunate, compared to Castlewood, South Dakota.

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