Your discount department store options are about to shrink in Sioux Falls.  According to Gordmans plans to close all of their stores after declaring bankruptcy.

Gordmans did not give a time frame for liquidating its stores, saying only that it has entered into an agreement with Tiger Capital Group LLC and Great American Group LLC to liquidate the inventory and other assets of its retail stores and distribution centers.

They currently operate around 99 stores in 22 different states.

Gordman's CEO Andy Hall said in a news release that for now the stores will operate "as usual without interruption."

Based on just some of the 200+ reactions of people on our Facebook page, residents of Sioux Falls are not happy to see the store close:

  • April Marie: When the sales start we got shopping to do? Sad though this store is always packed
  • Alicia Fisher: What else is new? I feel bad for those folks who won't have a job for awhile. Is our JCPenny closing too?
  • Regina Erickson: Sad day. Best store in town. Not a happy lady!
  • Darcy Constant: Sad day
  • Jessica Janecek: This is so upsetting!
  • Inocencia Flute: omg no. My favorite store
  • Jordre Eisenbeisz: my heart is breaking
  • Crystal Beutke: Love this store
  • Kristy Eden: Noo! That's one of the few stores I shop at regularly.
  • Sandi Bontje Lupkes: Well crap. One of my favorite stores.
  • Val DeMers: I'm Really Upset to see Gordman's to go
  • Tab Chance: Makes me sick

Gordmans is just another in a growing list of retail giants seeing their numbers shrink. Macy's, JCPenney, Sears, Kmart, HHGregg, Abercrombie & Fitch, The Limited, American Apparel, and CVS have all announced store closings in recent months. Some of those closings have affected Sioux Falls, with others still pending.

Gordmans in Sioux Falls is part of The Empire Mall at 4001 S Louise Ave.

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