If you've been outside in Sioux Falls the last couple of days you more than likely you've noticed that clouds of aggressive gnats and mosquitoes. Did you know that Sioux Falls has a Mosquito Reporting Hotline?

If the bugs seem out of control at your house you can call the Sioux Falls Mosquito Information Hotline at 605-367-8799. You can also now receive text notification about where the city will be spraying. To request Text: SPRAY to 888-777. City spraying efforts will start soon!

KSFY TV is reporting that City of Sioux Falls Health Program Coordinator, Denise Patton said. "We're seeing a really big mix of both gnats and mosquitoes but as that water kind of starts to settle in a little bit and starts to saturate into the ground and become more still I think we'll see those numbers skew.

Good news is all the products that we would use with the city are available to people to use at their house. So you can go to any hardware store and you can pick up a product that you can spray your screen door, you can spray your garage door around the side of your house."

Patton pointed out that it's been too cool for gnats to pop up from where they've been hibernating but the last couple of days we've finally gotten that sunshine we've been waiting for.

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