The diversity of music in our growing city puts a smile on my face every time I talk about it. Go out on any given weekend and you'll be amazed at not only the number of choices you have, but the choices in musical genres is amazing!

From classic rock covers to country to Blues to Americana to metal to Folk and everything in between, Sioux Falls is growing up in many ways.

Last Friday night (February 7) is a perfect snapshot of what I'm talking about.

The photo above was taken at the American Legion where Dakotah Daze, a Sioux Falls cover band was holding their reunion show. It'd been several years since they had played in public together (not counting a test run at my wedding reception last summer!), but the place was packed with friends, family and fans, waiting for the guys to get back together again.

Over at The District, Hairball was playing to a sold out crowd of 1500 doing covers of 80s classics better than the original bands can do them now.

hairball kari loban-swartos
Photo Courtesy of Kari Loban-Swartos

Downtown at the Icon Lounge, The Cassie Taylor Band was laying down some Blues from Kansas City.

Cassie Taylor

Out at the Red Eye, over a dozen local musicians came together as "Positive Vibrations" to do a night of Bob Marley music to mark what would have been Marley's 69th birthday last week.

Positive Vibrations

Plus there was Maurice John Vaughan bringing the Blues to Old Skoolz; Sioux Falls rockabilly band Big Red Rawkit Riot was at Winterfest of Wheels; local cover band Led Foot Lucy was at the Thirsty Duck; at Latitude 44, Sioux City's The Cheers Band played with Chad Conrad and Library Advocate; plus there was likely live music at the Paramount, Crawford's, Touch of Europe and a number of other local establishments.

The point is, those people that say "there's nothing going on in Sioux Falls", mean there's nothing going on in their living rooms. Maybe there isn't every kind of music available every single weekend, but wait a week, there could be a funk band, a bluegrass band, a blues/rock band, a soul singer, or something else that blows your hair back. All you need to do is leave the comfort of your couch and go out of the house. Sioux Falls has a LOT to offer and more coming all the time.

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