At 2400 West Madison Street, not far from the Denny Sanford PREMIER Center, you'll find a neighborhood dive bar known as The Garage. The Garage is a beer bar with your favorites on tap, like Bud Light, Mich Ultra, Coors Light and Miller Lite. They also have a cooler full of hard lemonades and sodas.

A sign by the road suggests the bar was once known as Waterhole #1. That was almost five years ago, but the nostalgia remains. The Waterhole was definitely a dive bar. The Garage's atmosphere has improved considerably since those days. It's more of a friendly neighborhood bar than a dive bar, but due meeting most of the 7 Designations of Being a Dive Bar, we have to confirm that The Garage is still a dive bar.

The Garage is a lot bigger today than it was a few years ago. A little remodeling made way for a wall of dart machines. They host several dart tournaments. In the summer, they break out the bean bags.

There's no kitchen at The Garage, but they do serve Rosken's Pizza, some of the best pizza you'll put in your mouth. Rosken's Pizza is made in Crooks, South Dakota at Critter's Bar. They freeze the pizzas and sell them to local bars. From the looks of The Garage's pizza ovens, they make a lot of them.

One thing we really enjoyed about The Garage the night we were there was the awesome tunes on the jukebox. Someone had the same taste as us and we were loving it. Beer (or in my case, a Black Cherry Mike's) tastes better when you're listening to Whitesnake.

Even though the bar stools look a little cheap, they were the most comfortable bar stools we've sat on. For a height-challenged person like myself, I like having a place to park my feet on the foot rest and not letting them dangle.

Will we go back to The Garage? Absolutely. I just need to find my darts and dust them off.

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