Over 50 years ago, you used to be able to fill your gas tank and get an oil change at Ken's Korner Gas Station. Today, you meet your friends and have a beer at Ken's Korner Bar.

Ken's Korner at 918 W. 6th street (6th and Menlo) is a neighborhood dive bar. The same regulars have been coming here for years. Some even met their significant other at Ken's.

We thought the Log Cabin was a small dive bar, but that was before we went to Ken's. Ken's Korner is, by far, the smallest dive bar we've visited. There are just a few tables, a handful of bar stools and some seating at the video lottery machines.

Ken's is a beer bar, no liquor here. They have great happy hour specials.  As for food, they do serve pizza, but most of the regulars bring in their own food. Almost every Sunday is potluck Sunday. The regulars will bring food for their friends to enjoy while they play cards or watch a game.

Ken's reminds me of the lone bar in a small town. If you're a regular patron, the bartenders know what you want to drink, they know your kids' names and your spouse's name.

Even if you don't live in the neighborhood, they'll still welcome you in.

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