It’s crazy how things change and how fast Sioux Falls can grow. Even Google Earth has a hard time keeping up.

One of the most dynamic parts of the “Best Little City in America” is the Lake Lorraine development where retail activity has gone from zero to one hundred at a blistering pace. As Sioux Falls Police detailed a vehicle collision that took place in that area about 10:00 PM Tuesday, a trip to Google Earth revealed a place that does not exist as it does today.

You can see from the overhead image that no buildings were present on the east side of the lake when the pictures were uploaded. Plus Grand Living was still under construction at the time as well. Today Hobby Lobby, Marshalls, HomeGoods and more all have a retail presence there. The contrast between what was and what is cannot be overstated.

Those businesses that have been open since the fall of 2017 were only in someone’s vision in the Google Earth chronicles that are currently on that format. Two to three years ago, there was no way an accident could have occurred at Lakeshore Blvd. and Lake Lorraine Drive.

A driver of a Nissan Xterra went through a stop sign and struck a Honda Civic in the aforementioned collision. The victim did receive serious but non-threatening injuries. Charges against the driver of the Nissan include reckless driving and driving without a seat belt along with marijuana possession because drugs were found in the vehicle.

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